Well I have finally taken the leap and decided to write about my trips and adventures around Scotland. A photo a day on Instagram really doesn't do them justice as there is so much more I want to share, and hopefully inspire you with, so let's get started.

My name is Bee Leask and I run an Instagram account under the name of @Bumblebambi, which is probably how most of you found your way here.I grew up on the Shetland Islands which explains why I have such a love of the sea and islands. I spent my youth never more than 3 miles from the sea, playing on a beach (pebble, of course) or running around the many deserted crofts or up a hill.

I have always been relatively active but by no means adventurous, having completed some charity events like the Rob Roy Challenge, Pedal for Scotland, the Glasgow Half Marathon and the London Marathon. Then in 2013, the 11th July to be exact I climbed my first munro, safe to say I was hooked, and the rest of my journey you can see through my Instagram.

What started off as hill walking has progressed to winter mountaineering, wild camping, outdoor swimming, cycling, hiking and paddle boarding. In short, doing as much as I can to be outdoors and enjoying this beautiful country.

I currently live in central Scotland near Glasgow. Not as near to the sea as I would like, but it is home for now.

I don't claim to be, nor am I an expert, but I hope that I will inspire and encourage some of you to get out there and try something new, whether in Scotland or further afield. 

So be inspired, drag yourself off the sofa, try something new and learn from the experience - good or bad. It is the only way you will know what you enjoy and you will learn loads along the way. This requires a lot of trial and error but I guarantee you will have fun along the way.

I certainly know I am.